Rabbits don't lay eggs

Get the class attention and teach them about spring, Easter and some farm animals with this entertaining story book!

Rabbits-don't-lay-eggs-Miss-T-ESL-story-books-for-kids-1-esl-books-misstesRabbits don't lay eggs! by Paula Metcalf and Cally Johnson-Isaacs will be the perfect story book to read and have fun with before or after Easter as a spring story.

Isn't it clear? Rabbits don't lay eggs! Oh, you thought they do? Well, a lot of children also think of the same.


Rupert the main character is a little rabbit who arrives to the farmyard and creates a stir when he tries to fit in with the others and make himself useful. Unfortunately enough he can't lay eggs like the duck of the farm and also he can't cock-a-doodle-do like the rooster. Luckily, soon he finds himself something useful to do when he starts digging. He ends up with an unusual job to do.

How to start?

Introduce or revise a set of vocabulary about the farm or Easter. To introduce farm animals use flashcards then colouring pages. To revise or reinforce vocabulary put children in groups or pairs and tell them to try to think of as many farm animals as they can. Make younger children draw the animals whilst older ones can practice spelling.http://img.misst-esl-activities.com/Stories/Rabbits-don't-lay-eggs-Miss-T-ESL-story-books-for-kids-2.jpg

Alternatively you can let them imitate and guess different farm animals or use some farm animal voices as children love guessing.

During reading:

Talk about the pictures, the characters, the storyline of the book. Ask questions and make sure you listen to the kids' reflection. Let them talk about Rupert and the other characters. Ask them what they expect to happen next.

After reading the book:

Typical speaking activity is to dramatize the story. Involving role play is a great idea to practice the language. To make it more entertaining for the children let them make some masks that they can use during the play.

The most important thing is to let them enjoy the story and practice the language as much as they can.

Do your children like animal stories? What is their favourite one?


Rabbits don't lay eggs!

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