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ESL Lesson Plans

 lesson plansMost of us have found oneself in situations of preparing lesson plans. It's a tedious job.

 Takes a lot of time, effort and preparation. However, some of the 'teachers' regard it as useless, it has some well-known benefits, to make lesson plans. It is worth the efforrt you put in at least once a month, as the advantages are priceless. It's TIME you gain. The time you invest in, to make monthly lesson plans, once yields you time during the week multiplied by the number of lessons you have each month.

You only have to do the research once to get the general idea what is going to be the topic of the month. Split it into 4-5 parts (as many as the weeks are in that month). This way during the week you just need to support the specific parts with activities and exercises.

 Lesson plans are vital and most probably not paid part of being a teacher but it's like school. There is always homework to do. Here you'll find some basic lesson plans which provide the generic idea of how to make your life easier and “freer” with a bit of extra work once a month.

Here you can find our ready made ESL lesson plans for instant use. Tested on real life children under strict surveillance. Download, print and enjoy your class like never before!

WU : Warm up

GP : Group practice

IP: Individual practice