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8 fabulous Dr. Seuss books you can read and learn from

It is Dr Seuss' birthday this month. As it is a special month we have a great opportunity to work on some literacy related fun activities in the classroom and celebrate his birthday by learning and enjoying reading at the same time.

The Ultimate List of Valentine's Week Activities

Plan your week around Valentine's day with different, entertaining, fun but educative activities and enjoy this festive with your class.

It is a magical time of the year. All kids and most grown-ups like expressing their love and everybody likes receiving it too.

Digital generation

The digital generation is knocking on the door. While we were checking our Facebook stream, technology has sneaked into all aspects of our life.

The proper English what you should speak

The Queen's English or the one from the States should be The ONE?

Or perhaps a polished accent from Africa and some highly similar Philippine talk will do just as much?

What about the Indian English?