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Miss T.

Miss T.

Fictional character thought up by cultural differences. Formed for years by language barriers, manifested into digital form in 2013. Continuously expanding through experience, delivering operative knowledge right from the trenches.

Letter to newly qualified teachers

Must have list for Newly Qualified Teachers Collection of some important advice to follow by experienced teachers

High-Frequency words memory game

Teach, practice and reinforce children knowledge about high-frequency words by playing this all time favourite, entertaining memory game with them.

Hi and welcome to Miss T's ESL Activities!

It's a great pleasure to see you here sharing the same interest and passion about teaching as we do.

7 creative ways to group your students

Group your students to make their work more effective in a happy environment with these quick and easy techniques.

Be an outstanding teacher playing music in the classroom!

Sparkle up the mood of the kids and engage them by singing action songs and listening to music!

7 easy steps to organise your classroom

It is crucial to be finished with your classroom decoration and organization before any child steps through the threshold. It might sound simple but bear in mind as soon as the kids are there, you won't have time for anything like that.

5 Pillars of the morning circle time: ROCSS

Make your day more effective in 15 minutes!

Routine 2

Routine for pre-school ESL class

Calm down chants

One of the first things you have to aware of, if you have young ESL students, that you have to do entrtaining things with them.

Routine 1

Classroom routine is the core of any class including ESL classes.