ESL Songs

English Songs and Rhymes are your best best friend when you are an ESL teacher. Specially if you are in a kindergarten or nursery but every age group would benefit from some beats in the classroom.

Nursery songs and English rhymes

 The more you sing, the more the kids will know. More you repeat, more they remember.

Not only nursery but any other song could be catchy, easy to remember and fun. Therefore, one can teach a lot of English with a couple of rhymes and targeted chants without putting a lot of effort in it.

No worries if you have failed on the X-factor audition. Not any of the pre-schoolers will judge your voice. It's always an option to play the song from a music player but it can be distracting for the pupils. It's in their nature to copy every aspect of the grown-ups. That's why your classroom tells everything about your work, too. Well, this is a different topic.

 If you don't sing, they won't either. So don't just go in the classroom with your phone or iPad hit the play button and expect the children to listen to and sing the song. They won't.

But your iPad may be snatched, examined and even soaked in water. Playing a song can be a background noise while working on an arts and crafts topic or your vocal chorus but you must know the song beforehand and sing it, to encourage children to join in with you.

Do you play any musical instruments or just a tambourine? Perfect! Bring it on! You'll be the favourite teacher ever!

Not the least important that these tunes will be the representation of your work outside the classroom.
Children will sing the songs everywhere they go. At home, in the car, on the underground, all around, the lyrics of the English songs will be echoing that you taught them in the class