Easy Arts and Craft for Kids

Kids crafts are the best marketers of an English teacher. Not only sells the language to the kids but it sells you to their parents as THE BEST TEACHER EVER who always does something fun and teaches a lot.

GraffitiDon't worry if you aren't Michalengelo's direct descendent. These easy crafts for kids are designed and tested on students with limited fine motor skills abilities (AKA pre-schoolers). If they manage, you can do it, too. However, the only reason you need to do it, beside having a sample, is to learn the possible difficulties of the task.

The activities are designed to be done entirely by the children or with a minimal help by you.
Therefore, no-one should expect here perfectly drawn, cut or folded lines, still honestly amazing crafts which are pushing the limits of your students further, improving their fine motor skills while creating unique gifts or decorations that everybody adores.

As we are talking about 3-6 year-old students, keep in mind the Morcheeba song: “Rome wasn't built in a day” either. Some of these ideas can be time consuming because of two reasons:

1. We are talking about children whose fine motor skills are still under development for some more years. Until then some of them can't even hold a crayon, pencil or a pair of scissors properly.

2. They aren't native English speakers so probably most of the steps you try to explain if you are lucky, will meet quite a bunch of blank stares. If you aren't lucky, it will meet several yes-es or I don't understands.


Be prepared, as most probably you must show what needs to be done and help the slowest, clumsiest ones. Don't let anyone go home unsatisfied. Make them complete these fun tasks. Ask the best ones to help the others. It is good for both of them. The one who helps, feels important and the other child won't feel so hopeless and stuck.

Speaking of scissors, don't forget to teach children how to carry and hold them. I usually tell my kids to turn it upside down when they walk and hold by the blade then I explain 'Let's carry your scissors as they were a bunch of flowers!' You can even make them smell their scissors. Kids love pretend play so they will remember it any time after. Also be clear about one particular classroom rule, never let them run inside. Accidents could happen as fast as a flash. But it is easy to avoid them if you are prepared.