Daffodil - Welcome Spring!

Learn and reinforce spring vocabulary and fill the classroom with flowers by letting the children make some daffodils with this easy prepare art activity. Fabulous March activity to welcome Spring!


Excellent follow up activity after reading some nice, spring related book such as

Once there was a seed from the Nature's Miracles series or

The tiny seed by Eric Carle


to learn or reinforce spring words, shapes and art vocabulary
to make daffodils to decorate classroom with
follow up activity after talking or reading about spring

What you will need:

  • Different types of yellow paper: glossy paper, tissue paper, shiny wrapping paper, cellophane, card paper and any other left over paper
  • Green tissue paper
  • White card paper to stick the little bits on
  • Star shape samples that children can trace
  • Pencils to trace with
  • Scissors
  • Gluesticks

How to do it:

1. Give out samples, pencils and card paper to trace. I usually give out one sample per table that children can pass around to each other.

2. Children trace the star shape and cut them out.


3. Give out the different pieces of yellow paper and gluesticks.

4. Tell children to cut paper into little pieces (if you want it would be a great opportunity to practice shapes with them by directing them to cut different shapes such as triangle, square, circle, etc...)


5. Let them stick the different types and shapes of paper and fill inside the star shape whatever way they want to. Like this, you won't have two same daffodils.

Miss-T-ESL-Daffodil-3.jpg Miss-T-ESL-Daffodil-4.jpg

6. Make a hoop by sticking a strip of yellow card paper.


7. Cut little lines and fold them outwards to help with the sticking.


8. Stick the circle or hoop in the middle of the daffodils.


9. Make the stem by rolling the green tissue paper and some leaves.

10. Stick the flower on the stem.


11. The daffodils are ready waiting for you to decorate.


Good job! Your classroom will look beautiful with the first flowers of the month. Welcome Spring!

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