Valentine's Card

Making Valentine's Cards with kids is so much fun. Using the benefit to teach new vocabulary through this art activity is even better. Let's start!


Revise colours and shapes with children before you begin to do the activity. Talk about Valentine's Day and the custom of giving cards to the loved ones without signing it. They will love the mystery. Have a little chat about friends and family. Great opportunity to teach or reteach the family members (mum, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin). With younger kids talk start with the close family, for older students teach extended family and also how to spell the new vocabulary.

What you will need for the art bit :

A5 construction paper for the cards: different, preferably radiant and light colours. So children can choose whatever they fancy.
Various colours of tissue paper, wrapping paper or glossy paper for the hearts.
Glue sticks
Felt tip pens

How to make it:

1. Fold the construction paper in half to make the base of the card

2. Show children how easy is to make hearts
Step one: fold the paper in half

Step two: draw half of a heart or if it's easier to explain the top bit of number 2 on the paper.


Step three: cut it out


Step four: open the piece of paper



3. Cut out different size of squares from the glossy papers (not bigger than the size of the card)

4. Give children pencils plus different colours and sizes of glossy paper that they can choose from.

5. Draw the semi-heart shape on the board that they can copy.

6. Tell them to choose some colours and design their cards.

7. Make them fold their glossy papers and draw semi-hearts on them


8. Check before they start cutting the hearts out as some of your students might draw the shape wrong way round and after cutting them out they have two halves of a heart instead of one whole. (It could cause problems as some of the little ones get upset if their work doesn't exactly look like as they have imagined it before.)

9. If the hearts are ready to stick on the cards, you can give out the construction paper and the glue sticks to make kids stick hearts on the card.


10. Let them finish the card by drawing more decoration with felt tip pens if they fancy doing it so.

11. Write the message on the board that they can copy inside their cards:

Message can be various so your pupils can choose what they want to. Like this all cards are going to be identical and one of a kind.

Message can be:

Be my Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love you!

Kisses and hugs from ...

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