Hatching Chicken Egg Easter Card

How to get your class excited learning about spring and Easter? You don't have to. No doubt all kids love Easter. Endless fun of egg hunt, outside games, Easter bunny, decorating and sending cards.


Here is a fabulous idea how to make a beautiful greeting card with them to take home happily.

"Hello!" said the chick delightfully as the egg hatched and she popped out of it.

Wouldn't everybody adore this little chick looking out of the egg shell, exploring the world around him. I'm sure your students would. Although you need to do some preparation beforehand and make a card previously to show them and get all the kids excited about the next half an hour when you teach them how to make it as they all want to have their own one.

What you will need:


  • Coloured card-paper mainly spring colours: pink, yellow, light blue, red, green, orange
  • White paper for the egg
  • Yellow tissue-paper for the chick's body
  • Optionally other colours of tissue-paper for the flowers
  • Green and orange glossy paper for the beak and the grass
  • Black felt-tip pen for the eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Coloured pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens for decoration

How to do it:

1. Give out the coloured cards and tell the children to fold them into half. You might want to show them which way it needs to be faced. Better to check it before they start as nobody wants to have an upside-down chick later.
Tip: Let children choose their favourite colour for the base of the card. Have enough pink and light blue cards for the girls, red or green for the boys.

2. Give each table the white paper for the egg, green for the grass, the templates to trace, enough pencils, scissors and glue sticks.

3. Get children trace, cut and stick the hatched eggs in the middle of their cards. Then do the same with the grass and show them to stick it at the bottom of their cards. Go around and check again if everybody has the card in the right way. Believe me, no-one wants an upset child who has grass instead of clouds in the sky.

4. Now you are halfway through. Give children the yellow tissue-paper for the chick's body, little bits of orange paper for the beak and black felt-tip pen for the eyes. Show them how to make and stick the body of the chick inside the egg. Then cut and stick the little beak and draw the eyes. Finally let them complete the front of the card the way they want it. Talk about spring sky, flowers, sun, butterflies if they need some ideas.

5. They can also draw some Easter related picture inside with the HAPPY EASTER! message. Depending on the age of your group you might want to write the message on the board for them to copy and check spelling before they trace it with crayon or felt-tip pen.

Hatching-chicken-egg-arts-and-crafts-easter-card-Miss-T-4.jpgHatching-chicken-egg-arts-and-crafts-easter-card-Miss-T-5.jpgAnd it is done! Have the children enjoyed making it? And what about you?

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