Mosaic for Mother's Day

Make a unique card with an original message inside for Mother's Day that mum treasures and keeps forever.


One of the most important days in a child's life is Mother's Day. Let's do something unforgetable for them to keep and always remember. Original, simple and shows the child's voice.

Making a card is the most obvious choice. Outside the cards children can design a colourful spring picture that they complete as a mosaic. Inside the cards they can write or draw the best memories they have with their mums.

Begin the class with asking your students about the special time they spend with mum. Ask them what, where, when, how they like doing some things with their parents and especially with mums. You might be surprised what sort of activities they come up with, what are the important moments in their life. Such as playing clapping games on the terrace, walking on the beach and talking, playing cards, reading with mum. Simple activities that seem special for them. Great reflection for mums and a real eye-opener, too.
Put the different answers on the board for them to choose to write and draw inside their cards later. It is also good practice to revise action verbs.

When they have the ideas, you can start on the arts and crafts bit. Which is going to be the picture of their own design that they are going to complete with the mosaic tiles.Mothers-day-card-Arts-and-crafts-Miss-T-ESL.jpg

What you will need:

  • White card paper
  • Any kind of coloured paper for the mosaic bits
  • (you can let children use any left over bits and bobs)
  • Pencils
  • Rubbers
  • Scissors
  • Gluesticks

How to do it:

1. Get children come up with picture ideas and colours they want to use for the front page of their cards. (Flowers, butterflies, trees, cakes, mum's favourite things). In our example there is a flower.
When they have the idea, let them draw it with pencil. Tell them not to worry too much and don't stress about it if they make mistakes as it is only the base and it is supposed to be covered by the coloured paper.

2. When they finished the design give them the coloured paper they want to use for their pictures and get them to cut some bigger pieces to fill the background and some other paper into little squares they will use to complete the picture. Mothers-day-card-Arts-and-crafts-Miss-T-ESL.jpg

3. Next they complete the mosaic picture. It will take some time but at the end it is worth the time to do it properly as they take this bit home proudly as a perfect present for mum to keep as a treasure. Nothing that is copied and coloured from somewhere else.

4. Continue with the inside. On top of the page they can write:
I love when my mum and I...
Then divide the page into several bits where children write or/and draw the activities doing together with mum. This part can be more detailed and specific, depending on the children's ideas. Give them enough time to do their best work. Keep in mind that how much mums love to look at this information and they feel touched about it. Mothers-day-card-Arts-and-crafts-Miss-T-ESL.jpg And the card is finished.

Happy Mother's Day!

How do you like this idea? Have you got anything else to add? Let us know.

The Mosaic Mother's Day Card by Lili Thomson originally published on Miss T. ESL

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