Shamrock Wand St Patrick's Day Art

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock wand St. Patrick's Day Shamrock wand

Make this lovely wand with your students for St. Patrick's Day, teach them about this holiday and celebrate with Ireland whilst putting a big smile on their faces.

What you will need:

Card paper or foamy paper for the shamrock leaves
Gold stick paper to cover the straw

How to make it:

  1. Arts-and-crafts-St-Patricks-day-shamrock-wand-1 Make a heart shape as seen
  2. Arts-and-crafts-St-Patricks-day-shamrock-wand-2
  3. Arts-and-crafts-St-Patricks-day-shamrock-wand-3
  4. Arts-and-crafts-St-Patricks-day-shamrock-wand-4Use the heart as a template for the leaves
  5. Arts-and-crafts-St-Patricks-day-shamrock-wand-6 Cut out the hearts
  6. Arts-and-crafts-St-Patricks-day-shamrock-wand-8Stick the leaves on the straw

And Voila! It is ready to use!

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