If you have young learners, let's start September with a song and a very easy art activity that you can practice or 
reinforce the colours with.

Crafts for kids - Kite | MissteslThe song has got the same tune as the well-known British song: Row, row, row your boat. You can find the corresponding version at the songs session: The kite song

What you need:

White A4 papers
Coloured pencils, crayons or paint

Glue stick

How you do it:

Step 1. Teach or reinforce colours with your ESL students
Step 2. Introduce song
Step 3. Fold the kite with the children! (see pictures)
Step 4. Children colour their kites with the four colours they choose
Step 5. Sing the song with your ESL students

kite1 kite2 

kite3 kite4 kite5


kite10 kite11 kite12 


The song is always going to be a bit different, depending on the colours the children used. Sing as many times as everybody introduced their own, special kite!

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