Printed shamrock

Shamrocks are everywhere! It's St. Patrick's Day! Let's get green and do an easy art with young children to teach them some new things about this Irish feast. Decorate your ESL classroom with the lovely shamrocks and enjoy the spirit of the festival.

What you will need:

Some green paint
A potato

How to make it:

Arts-and-crafts-potato-printed-shamrock-1 Cut the potato as you only need to use half of it

Arts-and-crafts-potato-printed-shamrock-2 Prepare the paint and the paper

Arts-and-crafts-potato-printed-shamrock-3 Print the leaves with the potato

Arts-and-crafts-potato-printed-shamrock-4 Use your finger to paint the stem

Additional idea: by making more shamrocks, let them dry, cut them out and stick them on the windows as St. Patrick's Day decoration.


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