The Gruffalo is an enticing book for kids at any age

The Gruffalo is definitely more than a short story.

The_Gruffalo-esl-books-missteslWritten by the famous and loved author of many children books, Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler. 

 It is about a clever little mouse who escapes from the dangerous animals of the forest whoever want to eat him. He uses his imagination to create a scary monster named Gruffalo. But guess what, the Gruffalo exists.

The Gruffalo is a great picture book for kids. It is mostly recommended for lower primary students who love to learn by listening to interesting stories, enjoy looking at and talking about the pictures of different scenes widening their vocabulary by describing what they see on the pictures.

This story is also suitable for pre-schoolers with a lot of follow up activities such as sequencing, pretending animal movements, colouring or reciting some parts of the tale.

It's not only an entertaining story, your students are going to love. You can also use is to teach about the action verbs, whatever movements the forest animals make.

Expaining them the real character of the verbs which are words what we use to tell others about what someone is doing. Distinguish them from other words and give them a lot of examples to make sure they understood the concept.

It is also a nice idea to introduce adjectives to your students as we can find a some descriptive words in this story to make it more colourful.

Another thing that you can explain is the grammar structure 'He has...' as the author use it a couple of times to tell us about the Gruffalo. By using The Gruffalo's story for these, you can avoid that children got bored with grammar.
The story can also be used in drama classes or making a display with your class, it would be a great material, too.

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