Calm down chants

One of the first things you have to aware of, if you have young ESL students, that you have to do entrtaining things with them.

Calm down chantsIf you keep repeating yourself and going on and on about something they don't have the vocabulary to understand then you lose their attention and can only gain it back with a completely different thing.

Dont even try to explain something if they are not with you and not quiet enough to listen to you!

Don't worry, you are not a unique example.

  1. 1. You can use these chants with very young ESL learners to catch their attention. When the class is noisy start with a loud voice and with actions. Turn the volume down as more and more of them join in with the others. Finally only whisper the chant. Trust me, they are going to like chanting it with you. 
  2. Here it comes:

One hand up (raise one hand up in the air)
two hands up (raise two hands up in the air)
Clap, clap, clap (clap 3 times)
Hands on your lap" (put your hands on your lap)


Repeat it as many times as you need to.


  1. 2. Another, even easier version of the chant is
  2.  (you can also use it when you teach the parts of the body):

Clap, clap head (clap twice then touch your head)
Clap, clap nose (clap twice then touch your nose)
Clap, clap shoulder (clap twice then touch your shoulder)
Clap, clap ears (clap twice then touch your ears)
Clap, clap tummy (clap twice then touch your tummy)
Clap, clap knees" (clap twice then touch your knees)

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