Be an outstanding teacher playing music in the classroom!

Sparkle up the mood of the kids and engage them by singing action songs and listening to music!

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Using these four easy exercises before, during and at the end of your classes help children learn and remember information better.
If you are an ESL teacher music and action songs is definitely on your must-do-list. Teaching can be more effective when songs are in the daily planning. Consider to use them in the classroom as many times as possible. The children and you as well can gain so much of having this light activity planned in their routine.

“By listening to or playing music regularly aids in the development of the processes and patterns of the brain. “The Mozart Effect for Children” shows a connection between music and reading, writing, memorization ability and mathematical skills. The evidence that music impacts the body and learning suggests that music should be included in any classroom, regardless of grade level or subject matter. The power that music can have on learners is extensive, it can benefit students and lead them to higher achievement and development.”

by Audrey Merrell. Teacher, educator.

First of all you have to find some exciting and fun songs that you and your kids enjoy and they are able to learn mainly new vocabulary by listening to them.

There are countless web-sites offering great songs for children. Preschoolers or lower primary teachers love visiting Super Simple Songs website. For EFL teachers British Council can offer some excellent resources.
You-Tube is the ultimate goldmine with videos, too. If you teach older kids or adults don't forget about the popular pop songs. It will make their and most likely your day.

So you've got your songs ready. Now wondering how to insert them into your routine.

1. Start the day

with some light relaxing music. We usually Zen Garden or something similar. Needless to say you can choose whatever works best for you and your students.
Put some music on at the beginning of the day whilst kids find their places, turn in their homework. As it becomes the part of their routine it helps them to settle in the classroom and get ready for the day.

2. Circle-time songs are

to move children around and increase blood flow that brings more oxygen to the brain. It leads to improve concentration. Incorporating songs with movements during morning circle-time is highly recommended as movements activate kids brain and they can achieve more during the day or even one lesson.
We mostly listen to Super Simple Songs this time of the day.

3. After the break

to get back in track you can choose to play some calm, relaxing music and spray some levander in the air. It would get young learners ready to study again and the transition from the playground to the classroom would be smooth and painless. Children become calm and ready to be involved academically again.

4. Brain Breaks

ESL-classroom-songs-dancing-kids-Miss-Tcan be used to energize the class. In the middle of the day, between difficult lessons or whenever you see the concentration level of the students has dropped. Brain breaks stops children fidgeting, channels the energy for good helping to focus on their next task. So make them stand up and dance or jump around a little bit. We use GoNoodle in the classroom It works wonders. I'm sure there are plenty of similar sites you can choose from if you look around.

So that's about it. Be prepared to have some CDs ready in your bag and you won't have problem with catching your kids attention. Keep in mind teaching is fun if you make it fun. Turn up the volume on the CD player and let us know how it works in the comment below.

Be an outstanding teacher playing music in the classroom! by Miss T. Published on Miss T. ESL

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