10+1 Fun-tastic Chinese New Year Activities

Celebrate Chinese New Year or 'Spring Festival' with some meaningful, engaging activities.


Explore some Chinese customs, teach them about the animals of the Chinese zodiac using the famous story of the race amongst the animals. Motivate and keep them busy by decorating the classroom with some fun arts and crafts activities. Choose out of the resources listed below:

1. Firework picture to decorate the walls, door or windows. Teach your students about the midnight firework and the meaning of it.

2. Make Chinese lantern using red and gold the main colours of Chinese New Year.

Chinese-new-year-Miss-T-ESL(6)3. Create the Great Wall of China out of construction paper and set up a writing activity for the children called The Great wall of wishes.

4. Do wordsearch with the children about the Chinese zodiac.

5. Make a postcard.

6. Plan a story-time lesson. Get children to know more about the Chinese customs by reading them picture books. Talk about the story, draw the characters and act out the story after.
Watch or read children the story about the animals of the zodiac. Depending on your class interest choose a story out of the Chinese Tales series which contains tradicional Chinese legends with beautiful illustrations:

Aren't they all sound fascinating? I could only think of which one I'd like to start with.

7. Watch Mulan or Kung Fu Panda with your students. Stop the video often to discuss the story, check comprehension. Ask questions, make predictions.

8. Make a dragon out of TP rolls. 

9. Give out tangerines that symbolise good fortunes and prosperity.

10. Make a costume and a Chinese hat or headband with different Chinese letters for the children to have a dressing up 'party'.

Chinese-new-year-Miss-T-ESL-711. If you have a chance invite a Chinese person who can talk about these traditions.

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year with your kids? Have you got some more ideas to add?



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