How to be smarter with no real effort

I'm sure a plenty of people heard about those techniques which makes us smarter without putting any effort into it.

How to be smarter with no real effort

Most of us even tried one or two of them. Like sleep learning, photo reading or uploading data directly into the brain. I wonder if it was only me trying to cut the learning process short by stuffing various books into my bed in Year One. The only thing I learned that sleeping on top of books isn't comfy at all and it is more effective if the book is on my head. After ditching most of the techniques I went along with the more conventional ways like chocolate, note taking and sometimes sleep. If I had known, I was doing the wrong technique it could have changed everything. Recent research found that wearing a superman T-shirt boosts exam performance by almost 10%. The whole comes down to psychology.

Prof Pine said the results showed that people’s mental processes and perceptions can be primed by clothing, as they unconsciously embody the symbolic meaning of their outer layers.
Sarah Knapton – Telegraph

This explains why the participants were overestimating their physical strength as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean that no-one needs to learn any more. To achieve a good mark requires at least 50% of the exam points most of the time. But above that the possibilities are endless.

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