The Ultimate List of Valentine's Week Activities

Plan your week around Valentine's day with different, entertaining, fun but educative activities and enjoy this festive with your class.

It is a magical time of the year. All kids and most grown-ups like expressing their love and everybody likes receiving it too.


To spread the love in the world here is a collection of the best activities for the week:

1. Teaching Valentine's vocabulary could be the first, obvious step.

Children learn or revise words such as love, kindness, be my Valentine, February, sweet, hug, kiss, heart, cupcake, postcard, smile, give, roses, get, flowers, balloons, happy, Teddy bear, hands, etc...

2. When they know these basics you can play different games with them to practice.

Kids love playing bingo but any other word games, spelling games, word search would be beneficial too.

3. If you have older students you can tell them about this English custom and the origin of it.

4. Get them make an Acts of Kindness List.

See what sort of things they come up with. This exercise is a great opportunity to teach or reinforce some verbs like smile, hold hands, show love, help, play, give, get. If they need, put some helping words on the board for them to construct their sentences with.


Your students can possibly say ideas like these:

  • Smile at random people who you don't usually talk with
  • Make a Valentine's Card
  • Give a hug
  • Cheer up a friend
  • Be kind with your family and friends
  • Help someone who needs it
  • Listen to the others without interruption
  • Give compliments
  • Open a door to someone
  • Play with some other children who you usually don't play with
  • Share a snack
  • Give a flower
  • Eat lunch with somebody you don't usually eat with
  • Help your mum tidying up
  • Bake cookies to share
  • Give an unexpected gift
  • Say Hello!
  • Say Thank you!
  • Tell your mum, dad, brother, sister how much you love them

5. Valentine's stories to read and discuss about. These books are perfect for Valentine's day reading:

6. Teach them a Valentine's song.

It works really well with the little ones. As they love singing and through songs it is easier for them to remember words, sentences or even paragraphs.
With older students you can listen to songs, teach them the song or do a gap filling activity whilst listening to the song.

One of the greatest choice for young learners would be the Skidamarink song Make up some movements with the song to get them move around and have fun.

7. Make Valentine's CardValantine's-day-Card-Miss-T-ESL-Activities

Valntine's Card Arts and crafts activity

8. If you are prepared for the fun and also the mess make any other Valentine's craft activity with them.

Take out the glitter and all of your students will love you but don't expect any nice words from the cleaning ladies.Valantine's-week-Miss-T-ESL

9. Get students say one nice thing about each other.Valantine's-day-Miss-T-ESL-Activities

Put everybody's name in the middle of a heart and make the others write their sentence around. Easy to make, little gift to take home and a nice memory for later.

Can you add anything else that you do with your children? Let us know in the comments below!

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