Importance and benefits of knowing about the learning styles

Make your life easier and get the children the most out of the lessons by finding out and having some practical advice on different learning styles.


Teachers often forget about that different children require different teaching styles as they can learn easier visually, verbally, with some musical/auditory help, on physical/kinaesthetic way, logical/mathematical help, some could only digest it individually, others with social games and activities.

Of course these learning styles overlap each other. One way or another they are connected. It is still important to know what every child primary learning style is by learning about the dominant traits that characterize it.

Teaching styles could and possibly does effect the result of the understanding the academical content. That's why it is important to vary amongst the activities and give a chance to every child to improve.


1. For visual learners


images, graphic organisers, info-graphics and colours help a lot. So choose flashcards, colours, colouring pages, drawings, book illustrations, little chunk of films to introduce and practice new vocabulary.

2. Verbal learners

can learn through speech, words and writing. So in your lessons it is definitely a good idea to have some time for a speaking activity, use word cards, games that involve words, read them ESL books and make predictions, discuss, re-tell them. With older students individual writing activities, creative writing, letter writing activities would be all excellent choices.

3. Auditory learners

love songs, sounds and music. It is quite easy to incorporate music in your class management. Studies show that little children learn easier through songs and movements. So why couldn't we use this later when they are older to help them and us the teachers, too?

4. Physical/kinaesthetic learners

are usually described as naughty, fidgety or special kids. It is hard for them to sit, they always have to do something with their hands or legs. They learn through touching, using hands and their bodies as help. Try to understand their point of view and find games or some exercises for them that they can use their hands to complete. A little research and preparation would make your and those children's life much easier and your classes more effective. One simple example: whilst the others write new words in their notebooks let them use play-dough for spelling.Learning-styles-Miss-T-ESL-1.jpg  Learning-styles-Miss-T-ESL-2.jpg Learning-styles-Miss-T-ESL-3.jpg

5. Social learners

Social kids prefer learning in groups. Save some time to do group work in your classes. They communicate well with their peers and capable to listen to and understand them. They prefer working through problems and ideas with other people and they learn from their responses. They prefer social activities and gamesLearning-styles-Miss-T-ESL-5.jpg 

6. Solitary learners

You always have some shy students in the classroom too. They are the kids who like studying on their own. Don't make them struggle. Let them work alone and see the results speak for themselves.

7. Logical/ mathematical learners

needs reasoning to help digesting new content. Use cause and effect type of learning with them. They recognise patterns and connections easily. They work through problems in a systematic way. You can give them exercises by creating agendas or to do lists. They are also happy with ranking exercises.


I know it might sound very complex and difficult at first sight but as soon as you get the hang of it, your and the children's life are going to be more relaxed and you will be amazed how much easier they can absorb the new information that is taught in the classroom.

There are different websites help you with tests to figure out what the children's learning styles are. 

Have you tried figuring out about learning styles? What is the learning style that the majority of the children have in your classroom?

 The Importance and benefits of knowing about the learning styles by Lili Thomson published on Miss T. ESL

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