Advanced Bingo


Any age


Describing words and recognition

How to play it:

Teacher draws a 3x3, 4x4 or as many squared bingo grids as the students level allows. Students will do the same on their paper so they won't get bored by the time you face the board.
 For lower level students, I'd use pictures or flashcards, they'll still learn, practice or reinforce the targeted vocabulary through this game.
You can hand out an exact amount of vocabulary pictures what you have taught them earlier, like what's in the house vocabulary. Give them a couple of  minutes (they can work in pairs to make it easier) to memorize the given words. After that children have to choose some cards and put them on the grids they have drawn before. Then the game begins. Teacher starts calling out the bingo by describing each of the items.

For example: We can find it in a bedroom, this is where we sleep"

Whoever guesses the word can call it out: 'Bed' 

Students who have this word in their bingo grid can cross it out or cover it. 

The game goes on until somebody has all his/her words crossed out when he/she shouts: BINGO! and wins that round.

For higher level students you pick a group of vocabulary and write it over the Bingo.

Happy Bingo!

Enjoy! :)

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