High Frequency Words Bingo

This game is suitable for older pre-school children and primary school ESL students who are learning to read high-frequency words


Aim of the game:

To practice reading, pronouncing and spelling the most commonly used words and have fun playing bingo with the children.

What you need:

Bingo cards, that could be downloaded from here. It is a good idea to laminate them to be used with different classes. Leave them in your bag and take them out when you have five spare minutes at the end of the class or whenever children need a break, play and teach them with a game.
Counters, seeds or pieces of paper to cover the words with.

How to play:

Before the group starts to play, you need to check if students know the meanings and pronunciation. Get them put words into sentences. Give out the bingo cards to every child. Start to say the words out loud. Called out words have to be covered on their cards. Make them use counters or some seeds to cover their words. Whoever manages to put five counters or seeds on the words, has to shout out I LOVE ENGLISH! (just for fun) and to let the others know that he/she only misses one word to shout out BINGO! Which they have to say as soon as all six words are called out. Whoever manages to shout out BINGO first, wins the game.


Download The High Frequency Bingo Words

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