High-Frequency words memory game

Teach, practice and reinforce children knowledge about high-frequency words by playing this all time favourite, entertaining memory game with them.


Level/Age group:

This game is suitable pre-school and primary school ESL students
Any level

Aim of the game:

To teach, practice and assess high-frequency words whilst children are playing and having fun with reading, speaking and spelling

What you need:

You will need two sets of high-frequency flashcards per group.
Separate the words into groups to play the game. It is considerable to laminate the words so you can use them over and over again.

How to play:

Put the cards on the table all facing down. Students have turns to flip two cards and read high-frequency words what is on them. If they find two words that are the same they can keep them and have another go. If they don't the other child comes next. They continue until there are no more words on the table. Then everybody counts how many pairs they could collect. Whoever gets the most is the winner of the game.

Very young children are able to learn 4 words at a time. Depending on the level of your students you can teach between 4-10 words. Although never try to teach more than 10 words as it could be quite overwhelming and discouraging for some children.

Extension for higher ability children: They can only keep cards if they are able to say a correct sentence with the word they have found.

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