Shape hunt to teach Shapes

 Level/Age group:

This game is suitable pre-school and primary school ESL students
Any level

Aim of the game:

To teach, reinforce or practice shapes

What you need:

You don't need anything
Optional: shapes flashcards or pictures

How to play:

In this activity we use the Shape hunt chant (see at Songs session)
When teacher calls out one of the names of the shapes (eg a rectangle), ESL learners have to find and point to a rectangle in the classroom (eg the window)
Optional: stick the cards/pictures of the shapes on different walls of the classroom before your ESL class begins.
Explain your young learners, they have to find and point to the shapes that you call out at the end of the chant which goes:

We're hunting for a (rectangle)
We're hunting for a (rectangle)
Clap your hands and stamp your feet!
We're hunting for a (rectangle).
Let's find a rectangle!!!

You can call out as many shapes as you put up on the walls
If you have a bit more advanced ESL students, you can choose an assistant who calls out the shapes instead of you. Young learners enjoy being teaching assistants whilst they practice saying the taught vocabulary.

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