Sticky Spider to reinforce colours at Halloween

Level/Age group:

This game is suitable pre-school and primary school ESL students
Any level

Aim of the game:

Have fun and a laugh with the kids at Halloween
Reinforce colours

What you need:

Some space possibly outside
chalk to draw a line
lively children to enjoy the game

How to play:

Draw a line on the floor. This is going to be the cobweb. The spider can't leave the line, he is only allowed to run up and down on it. Kids are standing on one side of the line. Choose one child who is going to be the spider and has to catch one of the others.
Spider has to call out a colour. Whoever wears that colour, has a free pass to the other side. Who doesn't wear the colour, has to cross the line without got caught by the spider.
If the spider catches somebody, he will be the new spider.

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